Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have seen the video and heard the news of the so called "Flash Mob" incidents down in the city. They aren't fun groups, like the one in England this past week, or like the groups that do the improve singing in the train stations. These incidents are violent, attacking stores, innocent people, and causing major problems for the people caught in the middle - like the store owners. How are today's youths this pathetic? When did our society go this far downhill? Why not gather for fun anymore? Why does someone have to go to the hospital after these incidents? Why can't there be people filming it and laughing, instead of crying in fear, or begging the kids to stop beating them? (I can't believe I am saying this, but...) When I was a teenager, we got together to play football, or street hockey, or some other active thing. Hell, we would gather just to run if that was all we were in the mood for! How is it that today's youth are so tech savvy, have so many things working for them, but are still so common sense stupid? How are they so ignorant to right and wrong? How are they not doing things for good? Is life that shitty for them that they have to go out to take it out on some random person driving home? I hope the police catch on to the morons who is trying to organize the "mobs" and throw the book at them. WHo else says down with the bullshit? Get these kids to read a book or get a job!

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  1. In general, I hate people. It's a sad statement yet exactly this sort of thing brings the feeling out in spades. I'm ready to go crawl into a cave but for folks like you!