Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shitty situation that I had nothing to do with...

So I get a phone call today from my Supervisor, asking if I had anything to do with the leak of sensitive information to a reporter who posted the info on the Web. Since I work at a place where information is vital, an ASSUMPTION was made by a person in a high position that since the reporter said they had an "inside source" (it could never be the interns, right?) at the place where I work, and since I was a "friend" of the reporter on Facebook, that I was the source. I have never met the reporter, I just liked his reports that he put out occasionally. Since I recently started working my role I started out in again, the assumption was I might have "overheard" some information, then leaked it to the reporter. Due to this vicious personal attack, I had to close my Twitter account, and weed out certain members of my friends on Facebook, many of whom I became real friends with in person. It really bothers me that I was forced to choose between my job or being a member of this group of friends. I am not sure if the steps I took were enough for the Powers That Be, and I hope they were. If not, then I am very seriously considering going to the press regarding the false accusations that were made. I have made some personal friends off of Twitter too, and many of them were members of the Philadelphia press. I am sure they would be interested in why my account was suddenly shut down when I had 9908 posts on it... So now I have to shut my mouth, (which I did already!) and not piss off the high ups... The worst part of it is all of the high ups know me personally. That is the most painful part of all this. They know me, know my passion for my job and the place where I work, and yet they were coming with pitchforks based on a wild assumption that had NO MERIT whatsoever! This really hurt me, and I don't know how to shrug it off...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catching up on life

Since it is a new year, and it has been forever since I wrote on here, I figured I'd try to be more regular with postings and more short stories. I have decided to be more open about my life, and will deal with whatever headaches that brings along.

So my year in 2011 was a nightmare. Got a job, lost a job, maintained the fun (but bad paying) job. We had a car drive through our playroom while one of my sons was in the room, (miraculously unhurt!) and are still fighting my renters insurance for a check to replace all the toys we lost... and it happened in AUGUST! GRRRR!

The best thing that happened to me was watching the boys grow up. They are some damn good looking boys, and are insanely smart too. It has been a challenge trying to find the 'right' way to discipline them, but I think we are doing a good job of it so far. They are very polite kids, and love their other family members like their cousins and such.

I haven't been writing any for some time now, and I miss it. That is part of the reason I am gonna try to do it here more often. I like the creativity when it flows, and wish I could do it regularly. I am also going to start back up painting. I haven't done it since high school, but I was good then, I just need to refresh my skills. I am going to paint a picture that was taken of my father as Santa Claus, and name it "I Still Believe". So many ideas for it, now I just need to fucking do it!

I am taking the application test for the PA State Police in a week. If I get in I will be thrilled! I won't be a regular trooper, I am actually going to train to be a Liquor Control Enforcement Trooper. I will still be a State Trooper, just a specialized department one. It should be cool. Big 'if' though... here's to hoping!

I know this is a rambling entry, but at least I am writing here...lol

More soon!