Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon x 2!!

The residents of the Philadelphia area, have been subjected to two massive winter storms in the past 5 days. On Saturday, some areas got 3 feet! Personally, we got about 10 inches here in the Grove. Today, we got hit with another storm, lasting 24 hours, that dumped another large amount of snow on the area. No official numbers out here, but I think our number is around 22-24 inches. My son was trying to walk through the snow and it was over his waist! Mind you, he is only 3, but still, this is deep! We haven't been hit like this in quite some time. Statistically, this has been the snowiest Winter in the history of Philadelphia's record keeping. Us suburbanites usually get left out of those numbers, but we all know the depths, and have good memories of the "Big" storms. There is one problem with all this snow... The MSM (Main Stream Media) coverage of Snowmageddon, and the Snowmageddon sequel. Today, the local news stations had all day coverage of the fact that they were putting their reporters out in harms way, and making sure we were nice and close to panicked over the fact that this white stuff was falling. I'm all for news coverage, and the occasional "on the scene" report, but all frikkin day? C'mon, there is other shit in the world happening today. The world did not stop spinning to let the whole 6 or 7 billion residents to watch DC, Baltimore, and Philly get blanketed. There have been major accidents in the area that resulted in fatalities. Where was the news coverage of these sad events? Nope, instead we get 14 different reporters saying "Man it's cold and snowy!" for 12 hours. For crying out loud, we get the point. Do we need to hear it the whole frikkin day? Now our area was literally a blizzard today, and they shut down the major roads in the area- I-76, I-476, I-676, I-81, I-78, I-80, The Roosevelt Extension, and a few more roadways that aren't interstates. These roads were sealed off by the National Guard. If you were trying to get on the roads, you have better have had a damn good reason to be there. I could understand breaking into a show to announce that the roads were shut down. That is very important news. The EAS (Emergenc Alert System) did a great job of warning of us about the closures. Did I need to see reporters freezing their asses off to report they were chilled to the bone? Not really. I got the point a few times over. Please realize that there are other things going on in life, not just the snow coming down. I do like hearing about the rest of the world!!

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  1. It's snowing here too.


    But I love your point, that there are important things - like the deaths in Sri Lanka due to the election this week, or the continuing crisis in Haiti, or the fact I have the best family evah! ~hugs~