Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sad leftovers...

This is a site showing one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen: The forced screwing over of Conan O'Brian. The set from his short lived stint as host of the Tonight Show is ruined, as is my respect for Jay Leno. Oh, he claims he had nothing to do with it, but who really believes that? Oddly, there is a video from Conan's show back in 2006, when Howard Stern was a guest, and Howard predicts way back then that Jay would be a problem. I'll attach video of that here so you can see it yourself. ( Sadly, the issue got VERY ugly, and very public, much to the chagrin of NBC. I used to be a big fan of both comics, with each of them having their own style of jokes. Jay had his Headlines and Jay-Walking, Conan had The Masturbating Bear and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Great routines, fun had by all. When Jay announced years ago that Conan would replace him, tons of people were stoked, feeling he deserved the chair after years of following Jay. I heartily agreed with that idea. Then, when time came for Jay to step aside with dignity, he fucked it all up by demanding his own prime time show. NBC fell for it, moving great shows all over (ie: SVU) and getting rid of others, only to see them resurrect on other channels (see SouthLAnd on TNT). They completely screwed things up to kiss Jay's ass so he didn't go to another network. It is sad, because it all failed. Failed miserably. And now it is over. Conan got screwed over. People will say he didn't, cause he got paid big time. But his career took a big hit here. And noble to the end, he made sure that his whole staff got paid well. I have since decided that I am never watching Jay Leno again. I was loyal to Conan, and will remain so. I respect his decision to walk away instead of getting shafted. I refuse to support Jay now that he cried to get his show back. Sadly, NBC gave in to him. So now he gets the Tonight Show back. It is sad they kissed his ass. I hope Conan's followers all band up, and he goes up against Jay and destroys him in the ratings war. I know I will be watching... will you?

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