Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This is the first time I have done a list like this, and I am learning how to do one as I go along. My list will be the thirteen things that you can learn from watching your wife play XBOX 360...

1) Even the most docile person can become the most competitive when there are bragging rights to have!

2) No matter how good you think you are at Madden (any year), her random mashing of buttons will outplay you any day of the week!

3) There will be no posting of videos of her dancing around and talking smack to you.

4) The fact that you think first person shooter games are mostly male oriented, then you haven't ever seen the average woman trying to hunt you down in Halo.

5) It is rated "M" for a reason... the fact that we try to finish a round of killing things when your 3 year old wakes up from his nap is not a good thing... but we do it anyway...

6) The graphics keep getting better, and the blood gets richer on the screen. The fact that she is a woman means nothing. She wants to see your guy bleed same as you want hers to!

7) The bigger the screen, the more fun we have. Halo3: ODST is awesome on the 42" high def TV. We have truly epic battles on the bigger screen, and will have so much more fun if I am ever allowed to buy my 73" TV... (Damn "Buy me a house first!" rule!)

8) We love playing against people who have no idea we are male and female. They talk all sorts of trash, then right before we leave the room (after dominating them) we drop the bomb - they got pwnd by a girl!!

9) There is a limit on acceptable games. They have to be multiplayer/split screen games. She doesn't like the one person only games. (ie: Battlefield: Bad Company - one of my favorite games!)

10) Thank God there is no Katamari on the XBOX. This was the reason we bought a PS2, and we got rid of it cause we only had 2 games for it. She bought the game, and then played it like 10 times. That's it!

11) It is funny to see the woman I married, mother of my children, gloating over the fact that she got a 'headshot' on me, when I was trying desperately trying to do it to her.

12) Guys have the celebratory "tea-bagging"; women have the celebratory "taco-slapping" after said headshot.

13) Surprisingly, this really is fun time to spend with her! Try to have fun with your spouse or romantic partner!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Reflections on life...

So i was Stumbling across the Internet (using the firefox add-on Stumble Upon), and found a creative quote. "Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look past the imperfections."

That simple statement says volumes in only 17 words. This concept it is talking about is the reason some couples stay married for 50+ years. This is why those people still hold hands when walking together. It is the reason some people blush at the mere mention of their significant other.

In my line of work, i come into contact with many geriatric couples who simply adore each other, even after being married for long times. Unfortunately, most of the time, one of the two is ill when i meet them. This is the easiest way to just see the love they have for each other. When you see one person devoting their life to care for the other, you see unconditional love in action. The person is looking past the problems, looking past the complications, and seeing the beauty in the other person.

In our sad society, the divorce rate is somewhere just over 50%. The people today apparently simply don't have the same feeling about love as they used to. The couples of today need to learn from the elder couples. So maybe you had a rough time, maybe there were arguements, maybe disagreements. In years past, the couples realized that you had to work in a relationship, that nothing came without effort on both parts. Today, it seems couples just assume that one argument, one fight, one rough time means it is time to throw in the towel. This should be the time that they hunker down fir the long haul. In wedding vows is the line "in good times and bad, through sickness and health". Has the meaning of this changed in the past 25 years? When my wife and I exchanged our vows, we did so with the honest expectation that it would mean we would still be married and in love when we were older. She teases me that she'll steal my dentures and run away when I try to get them back - but since I am older then her, she will get away easier! Now we just celebrated our two year anniversary in November. There have been some rough spots already, but we worked through them. We both learned from the great examples in our lives. Both sets of parents have been married 35 plus, and our grandparents were all married 50+ years before any of them passed away. We realize we are blessed to have those examples in our lives, but we also realize that they were not perfect. Everyone had to work their fair share in those marriages, and learn to compromise.

I wish that younger couples today would realize the same thing we did, that the world is not perfect, and no one's marriage is either. Once they realize that, then maybe there will be a new generation of old couples who still love each other after 50+ years...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Interesting people....?

I am like most people, paying attention to the news, hearing all the "rumors" from the tabloids, etc. My automatic thought every time I hear about the lives of celebrities is "So what?" Why do i need to hear about what some actor had for dinner? Do I really give a shit who made the dress some actress is wearing? Of course not! I was bombarded with too much info about Tiger Woods. I was sad to hear he was injured by getting into the car accident. Frankly I didn't care why it happened, or about the affairs he allegedly had with the 14 people (or however many women there are) coming out now. I was only curious if he was drunk or not, since it was such a weird crash. Other than that, I don't care. I respect the man's ability on the golf course. But I don't consider him anything more than a very talented person. Sure he has earned a billion dollars, but he is still human, and puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like me. So why harass me with his life as the top story for 5 days on all the news channels? Now I hear that Barbara Walters has her "Interesting People of the Year" special coming up, and that stupid media whore Kate Gosselin is on it. Why the hell is she interesting? She whored her kids out to TLC, and now ruined her life, her kids lives, and all of America's lives (at least anyone who lost brain cells by watching that show). So why the hell is she being dragged back into the spotlight again? Can't she just go away? I was going to watch the special, but not after hearing her lineup. Why can't she interview truly interesting people? Some scientists who are developing new engines for cars that are truly electric? Why not move past the morons who whore themselves out, and find truly deserving people? How many people saw the heart warming story on ESPN about USC's football and the kid who is going blind from cancer? Why not interview his family? Or USC's coach? Those are the Interesting People. I think "celebrity" is a title that is thrown around way too often, and is usually not deserved. (refer to "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here") I guess I am just sick of people telling me who is "important", what are the "right" clothes to buy/wear, and anything else along those lines. Let us find our own heroes, find our own styles, our own lives. Let me teach my kids that THEIR opinions matter most, not what they are told to think.

Agree or disagree??