Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This is the first time I have done a list like this, and I am learning how to do one as I go along. My list will be the thirteen things that you can learn from watching your wife play XBOX 360...

1) Even the most docile person can become the most competitive when there are bragging rights to have!

2) No matter how good you think you are at Madden (any year), her random mashing of buttons will outplay you any day of the week!

3) There will be no posting of videos of her dancing around and talking smack to you.

4) The fact that you think first person shooter games are mostly male oriented, then you haven't ever seen the average woman trying to hunt you down in Halo.

5) It is rated "M" for a reason... the fact that we try to finish a round of killing things when your 3 year old wakes up from his nap is not a good thing... but we do it anyway...

6) The graphics keep getting better, and the blood gets richer on the screen. The fact that she is a woman means nothing. She wants to see your guy bleed same as you want hers to!

7) The bigger the screen, the more fun we have. Halo3: ODST is awesome on the 42" high def TV. We have truly epic battles on the bigger screen, and will have so much more fun if I am ever allowed to buy my 73" TV... (Damn "Buy me a house first!" rule!)

8) We love playing against people who have no idea we are male and female. They talk all sorts of trash, then right before we leave the room (after dominating them) we drop the bomb - they got pwnd by a girl!!

9) There is a limit on acceptable games. They have to be multiplayer/split screen games. She doesn't like the one person only games. (ie: Battlefield: Bad Company - one of my favorite games!)

10) Thank God there is no Katamari on the XBOX. This was the reason we bought a PS2, and we got rid of it cause we only had 2 games for it. She bought the game, and then played it like 10 times. That's it!

11) It is funny to see the woman I married, mother of my children, gloating over the fact that she got a 'headshot' on me, when I was trying desperately trying to do it to her.

12) Guys have the celebratory "tea-bagging"; women have the celebratory "taco-slapping" after said headshot.

13) Surprisingly, this really is fun time to spend with her! Try to have fun with your spouse or romantic partner!


  1. Awesome frickin' list, brudda! I have this image of my nice, sweet sister turning into Medusa as she plays. O.o... :)

  2. Too funny! This was a fun list and I'm in no way, shape, or form a gamer.

  3. Very cute TT. Nice to meet you, Noony's brother.
    Your wife sounds like a 'fun lover', and well suited to you. :)