Monday, December 7, 2009

Interesting people....?

I am like most people, paying attention to the news, hearing all the "rumors" from the tabloids, etc. My automatic thought every time I hear about the lives of celebrities is "So what?" Why do i need to hear about what some actor had for dinner? Do I really give a shit who made the dress some actress is wearing? Of course not! I was bombarded with too much info about Tiger Woods. I was sad to hear he was injured by getting into the car accident. Frankly I didn't care why it happened, or about the affairs he allegedly had with the 14 people (or however many women there are) coming out now. I was only curious if he was drunk or not, since it was such a weird crash. Other than that, I don't care. I respect the man's ability on the golf course. But I don't consider him anything more than a very talented person. Sure he has earned a billion dollars, but he is still human, and puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like me. So why harass me with his life as the top story for 5 days on all the news channels? Now I hear that Barbara Walters has her "Interesting People of the Year" special coming up, and that stupid media whore Kate Gosselin is on it. Why the hell is she interesting? She whored her kids out to TLC, and now ruined her life, her kids lives, and all of America's lives (at least anyone who lost brain cells by watching that show). So why the hell is she being dragged back into the spotlight again? Can't she just go away? I was going to watch the special, but not after hearing her lineup. Why can't she interview truly interesting people? Some scientists who are developing new engines for cars that are truly electric? Why not move past the morons who whore themselves out, and find truly deserving people? How many people saw the heart warming story on ESPN about USC's football and the kid who is going blind from cancer? Why not interview his family? Or USC's coach? Those are the Interesting People. I think "celebrity" is a title that is thrown around way too often, and is usually not deserved. (refer to "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here") I guess I am just sick of people telling me who is "important", what are the "right" clothes to buy/wear, and anything else along those lines. Let us find our own heroes, find our own styles, our own lives. Let me teach my kids that THEIR opinions matter most, not what they are told to think.

Agree or disagree??

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  1. Wowsers. AGREE!!!! ~jumps up and down~ You have missed your calling, son. You NEED to write more; you're great at it! I love this essay; it had me nodding and laughing in equal measure, and then getting all up in arms about the idjits on television.

    THIS is why I never watch the stuff. I love Netflix. I can control what's on my idjit box that way. :)