Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thursday 13 ...

This is a thirteen just because I haven't done one in a while. I need to do more, to write more, so expect to see more from me soon.

1) One of my jobs now is working security for the firm responsible for the Lincoln Financial Field and the new PPL Park. The "Linc" is the home field of the Philadelphia Eagles, and PPL Park is the new home of the new soccer team, the Philadelphia Union. I am really excited to have this job, even though the pay really sucks. Bigtime sucks. But to be in the stadium for some awesome events, and actually get paid for being there makes it worth it! I was working on the field during the USA vs Turkey soccer game at the Linc, and it was insanely awesome! I can't wait until the home opener for the Union on the 27th!

2) I just got an email invite for possibly being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! I can't wait! It is funny, I have always said I should be on a game show. I wish it was Jeopardy or something like Who wants to be a Millionaire, but Wheel is cool too! The advantage is even just making it on the show means $1000 just for being there. I tend to answer most of the puzzles fast, but we'll see how well I do under some pressure. I have to get to New York next Wednesday on my own, for a 3 hour audition, but how neat will it be if I make the show?

3) I am still teaching CPR. I love teaching it, but the company I work for is driving me nuts. They touted this amazing computer system, and so far, ti really sucks. I get the packets of info I am supposed to be handing out to the students a day after the class is over, they forget to tell me the details of the class, etc. I am thinking of simply getting my AHA certification to teach on my own, without the company over my head.

4) This oil incident in the Gulf is horrible. When the first hurricane hits the Gulf coast with oil covered storm surge, the lands will be so decimated... I think the high ups are scared shitless of that happening.

5) I am loving watching and listening to the World Cup. I am really excited to follow all the action, and hope the US team does amazingly well!

6) So tired of seeing all the ads on TV about people learning to bilk the gov't out of the tax money they owe. I owed 29,000 and only had to pay 2000! (with a big smile) This is why our country sucks lately... Pay your fucking taxes when they are due, and don't be such a deadbeat!

7) I have no idea how this is going to become a 13... this is hard to come up with this so far!

8) I went to the casino the other night with a mere $10 on me... and walked out with $200. All I played were slots. I don't play table games, as I am afraid of people like my brother playing against me. He would only see dollar signs on me, and I hate losing money.

9) I am still bugged that I wasn't hired as Security at the casino. They didn't think I was "outgoing" enough. HA! I am more outgoing them most people you will ever meet! If they hire some of the morons they do, and not me, that is their loss. I paid attention to the guards there, and they were hum drum people who didn't care less about the environment or the "air" of the casino. None of them talked to any of the people losing money, just to each other and the other employees. So much for the "relaxed environment and great customer environment of fun for the customer". It was sad. I'm not Outgoing enough? Screw you casino. Keep your lazy not caring security folk, and I'll stop coming there due to people not caring. I'll go to the new casino in Philly, instead of you.

10) I am really excited to see Toy Story 3 this weekend. However, I did agree to work Friday evening, instead of being out to see the movie. So I am not sure when I will see it, but be assured I will during the first week!

11) I wish someone would hire me full time and offer me benefits. I realize that half the area is looking for a job, but I want one. I just am not happy trying to find the "perfect" job. I simply want "any" job now!

12) I have to work on going to bed earlier. I am betting used to these late nights, and am afraid my schedule will make my body adjust to it!

13) I need to find a decent job with decent hours. I need to spend more time with the boys. I love spending time with them, and watching them grow up. I can't help but think of how fun this will be when they grow up bigger, and start playing sports! It will be fun, but I am smart enough to enjoy the time we have now.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I always enjoy reading what you have to say.