Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playoff Hockey...

I have been a fan of Philadelphia sports my whole life. Growing up, I liked the same teams my parents and family liked. As I grew older, I developed my own likings of some other sports, either from playing them (soccer) or just liking them (hockey). Out of my family, I am the only true hockey fan. Of course, my parents are bandwagoners, jumping on the Flyers fan ride during the playoffs, but I am the only one who watches it all season. Tonight for example, I am watching the Chi-Hawks vs the 'Nucks, (3-0 Chi-Hawks, end of second period). I love the game so much I watch it no matter who is playing. True fans do this during the regular season, let alone the playoffs. Now that it is Cup Crazy season, fans are glued to the TV every night.

I was asking my wife when she wanted to watch Avatar on Blu-Ray. (Yes, I am like the only person in the world who did NOT see the movie in the theater) She pointed out to me that we don't watch movies at night anymore after the kids go to bed because I am watching hockey instead. I didn't even realize I have had the movie for almost 3 full weeks, and have yet to watch it. Funny, but I don't care who is playing, I just want to watch hockey! Of course the Flyers are my favorite team, and I watch them first and foremost when they are on. But c'mon, everybody loves watching the playoffs just to see the face of the men when they lift the Cup at the end of it all!!!

Now TRUE hockey fans watched the Olympics this year, and the epic games that went down. I watched Belarus, Sweden, Canada, Slovakia, and the US play with pride for their countries. I teared up watching the US fall to Canada in the Gold Medal game in overtime (dammit Crosby! Did it really HAVE to be you?) But the point is ... Hockey is the fastest team sport in the world. You never know how it will end. That is what makes the playoffs so much fun...

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