Friday, May 21, 2010

The Good Samaritans...

I am now teaching CPR for a job. I know it is nothing glorious, but it is a job. I love teaching it, and talking to the people in the class. I love sharing my experiences with them. But it turns out I like changing their attitudes from the "onlooker" to the Good Samaritan. How many times do we hear the stories of the people who just kept walking by, instead of helping someone? Most of those people don't help because they are afraid of getting sued if they try to help. After only a few hours with myself and the wonderful person I teach with, they all have the look of "I'll help if I see it happen" instead of "Not me, I can't help at all". They realize it is a difficult thing to do to help someone, but they know they can do it now. It is fun seeing them suddenly understand. Amazing to see their faces when they realize they can literally save someone's life in an emergency. I like this feeling of helping them learn!

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  1. I do think this is a glorious job! You are doing a very good thing. From what you said in your Thursday 13, I think you can do better on your own! Please continue to pass along your helpful spirit and fearless nature to future Good Samaritans.