Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

So I haven;t done one in a while, and I decided to make a conscious effort to do one today! Without further adieu, I give you Thirteen things that make someone my age feel really old!

1) You remember going to see ET, and seeing Drew Barrymore as a kid in the movie.
2) You just found out the movie you always watch and know damn near every line to (Back to the Future) is coming out with a 25th anniversary edition DVD!
3) You know what a beta-max player is.
4) You try explaining one to a kid, and get the "What is this old guy talking about" face.
5) You remember the 1984 Olympics, and Carl Lewis was a God for breaking the 10 second barrier. (And Ben Johnson was a cheating bastard!!)
6) You remember watching the Jamaican Bobsled team live in Calgary, not just in the movie Cool Runnings.
7) You are still pissed that you don't have a hover board yet.
8) You remember when Jordan vs Bird was the ultimate basketball game... kids now barely know who Larry Bird is!
9) You switch on the 80's channel and know every song playing, but can't name 4 on the top 40 channel.
10) You remember when Vanna actually did something besides look pretty.
11) You know what the Go-Bots are.
12) You thought the movie GI-Joe ruined your childhood memories.
and finally
13) You keep wondering why they haven't made a 'Thundercats' movie yet!

1 comment:

  1. OK, these always seem to make me feel old, yet make me smile too.

    1) Drew was a cuter as a kid, she didnt age well.
    2) 25th?? crap.. I *AM* old..
    3) of course i know what a beta-max is and know that the quality of picture was SO much better with it than VHS
    4) Try explaining car phones and the cost of using one in 1990
    5) 1984 Olympics... how about 1980?
    6) But their sled looked really cool!
    7) yes, yes i am!
    8) Not just Bird, The Big 3 (earl 80's Celtics fan) Bird, Ainge, McKale
    9) 80's, 70's and since when is Bon Jovi considered 'classic rock' that one threw me..
    10) I remember when Vanna still looked pretty
    11) Go-Bots... 2nd rate transformers... LOL
    12) While a good movie.. yes it did.
    13) Do they really need to?? Please dont do it in 3D